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  1. If you have a Go-Pod already, ever wished you'd fitted a motor mover for even more convenience?

    Order a manual or auto motor mover before 21st April 2017 and we'll fit an inflatable jockey wheel for you too, free & with our compliments.

    Important: Fitting a motor mover to your Go-Pod is a specialist job requiring bespoke brackets and should only be fitted by our experienced workshop staff. Having a mover fitted by a third party will void your Go-Pods warranty and may damage your caravan.

    Offer ends 21.04.17 - cannot not be retrospectively applied or used in conjuction with other offers.

  2. The type of awning supplied with your Go-Pod is the Khyam Tailgate or Tailgate XL. Either version is correct and they both provide the exact same living space & features.

    We do occasionally hear that some customers feel that they’d prefer the XL and true, it does sound as if it should be better! 

    But rest assured, the only difference between them is that the XL also suits other, taller vehicles and has slightly more fabric at the tunnel end to do so. 

    Once properly erected, they both fit snug while still allowing the door to clip back in place. The door will slide against the fabric on both versions but this is normal & will not cause any issues.

  3. One of the best things about owning a Go-Pod is the freedom they can offer.

    Leave your Go-Pod packed with your complete camping kit so that your ready to go at a moments notice. They hook up in just a few minutes without the need to mess with extension door mirrors & so on.

    • Freedom to get away at a moments notice.

    • Freedom to explore more remote caravan sites.

    • Freedon to escape no matter what the weather.

    • Freedom to use your tow vehicle for exploring.

    • Freedom from old fashioned caravan designs.

    Great value, great quality modern design.

    Book your viewing today - click here.

    2015 - Go-Pods. Best 2 berth caravans.GP - Go-Pods with St.Pauls Cathedral

    Spring Offer now available - contact us at Sales@Go-Pods.co.uk


  4. We do like to see your Go-Pod back at our workshops if possible, as our expert staff are best suited to caring for your micro tourer.


    Click here to book.


    However, we recognise that this is a long way for many customer and as such, you may prefer to undergo your service more locally.

    Any NCC approved workshop is authorised to service your Go-Pod and for a download of the service schedule please click here