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  1. We often receive enquiries from taller people. concerned about how they might manage in a Go-Pod and this video submitted by Go-Pod owners '2Bs', was posted on Facebook in response to one such enquiry.

    The Go-Pod has over 6ft of standing headroom and a 4" thick, memory foam bed, that's 6ft 2in at it's longest point & wider than a king size.

    Check their other personal modifcations too!


  2. Congratulations to Sharon & Steve Waudby who have just earned a free Go-Pod winter cover be accruing four Reward Credits.

    Credits are gained by participating owners every time someone who views their caravan places an order.

    Steve says:

    "Hello Phill, That's good news! Its enjoyable showing like minded people around our pod! We now have four credits to use & would like a winter cover please. Looking forward to more viewings. Cheers, Steve and Sharon."

    For more info on the programme - click here.

  3. Now we certainly don't condone speeding or reckless driving but this message received via the website certainly shows that Go-Pods are super stable.

    They never wobble nor snake. Side winds are no problem and lorries passing don't push them around either.


    Imagine how good they tow at legal speeds!