Car towing weight limits - explained:

Not all cars can tow but those that can have a maximum weight limit.

Each car is manufactured & configured differently, so it's not as easy as asking 'What is the smallest car that can tow a Go-Pod?" Click here for how & what to check for - or for a more detailed explanation, please read on.

If a trailer is braked, then it doesn't rely on the tow vehicle to slow it down and so a heavier braked than unbraked trailer is permitted. Go-Pods are braked by an AL-KO braking system making them even better for small cars.

The best place to find your vehicles 'braked towing allowance' is to check your V5 document.

V5 showing if you can tow a Go-Pods


However, it's not always on the V5 & another option is to consult the owner's manual. In the Technical Section of the vehicles manual, you'll find the towing allowances stated in kilos and there should be two figures quoted. You're interested in the 'braked' value.

Alternatively the vehicle’s ‘gross train weight’ may be listed on the vehicle identification number (VIN) plate on the car. This is normally under the bonnet or inside the driver’s door. The gross train weight is the weight of the fully-loaded car plus fully-loaded trailer and must not be exceeded. If your VIN plate doesn’t list a train weight, you should not use your vehicle for towing.

Each Go-Pods leaves our factory weighing around 550Kg, (520Kg for pre-2018 models), on average. This figure used to be lower but as the Standard spec has improved, (we now add more as standard; shelf packs, folding table, steel sink, porch light, spotlight plinth etc.), the MiRO has increased a little accordingly. When they reach our UK workshops, we add the complimentary leisure battery, which adds around 25Kg. Additionally, each moulded shell is slightly different, (due to the nature of the manufacturing process), & the GRP thickness may vary a little having some affect on weight too. The MiRO of a Standard Go-Pod is approx 575Kg on 2018 models onwards and the .

On to this, each customer often adds their own choice of accessories & these further increase the total weight.

For most people, their car's capacity is more than ample and so this is of little concern. But if your towing capacity is very low, you can calculate the approximate total weight by using the info displayed on each accessory's product page - as you build your order.

If your towing allowance is limited, we recommend checking your Go-Pods' weight in this way. Existing owners might prefer to visit a public weigh bridge but should be aware that these are often not as accurate we'd hope. Many report tolerences of up to 60Kg & can be further affected by rain, maintenance schedules etc.

The weights we provide are as accurate as possible and where appropriate, have been rounded up to be on the side of caution.

Once you know your Go-Pods approximate weight you can also calculate it's remaining load capacity. The Go-Pod should be kept below 1000Kg, (750Kg for pre 2018 models), which is referred to as the MTPLM. Include all the items you pack inside within your calculations. Remember, everything has a weight even your food, personal affects & the liquid in the toilet.

However even our heaviest model, the Platinum, has around 300Kg of load capacity remaining, so you'd need to pack a considerable amount of camping equipment before it becomes a concern. But be mindful of your capacities, (as it is your responsibility), and spread the load between your Go-Pod & car.

It's a good idea to allow a margin and many organisations recommend using up to 85% of your tow vehicles total allowance - so if your car has a 900Kg braked towing allowance for example, you could fill your Go-Pod to 750Kg in total. 

This 85% rule is however considered a guide & not a legal requirement but even with taking this in to consideration, a car with just a 650Kg towing allowance, would pull an unloaded Standard Go-Pod.

As long as the figure stated for a braked trailer exceeds the weight of your Go-Pod, then your vehicle can tow a Go-Pod.

Important notes:

Measurements and weights shown are intended as a guide and may vary, be approximated or estimated where necessary. Weights may change without notice and we recommend allowing a suitable margin. If your car's towing allowance is low, please remember that adding accessories will increase the overall weight & you may wish to carry more of your load in the tow vehicle. Roof boxes are a popular solution too. MiRO figures are offered as a guide only and we recommend working to the maximum MTPLM of 1000Kg, (750Kg for pre 2018 models), which must not be exceeded. Towing using a car with a braked capacity of under 900Kg is possible but should be done so at the responsibility of the customer.

Please always refer to the Owners Manualofficial website and official Facebook Page for the correct advice.