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Go-Pods-logo-2015 Go-Pods are a perfect blend between camping & caravanning. Featuring a comprehensive package of top notch creature comforts, yet still different enough from home, to bring fun & adventure to every trip.

Go-Pods-logo-2015 Go-Pods are designed to work with the UK's weather - unlike teardrop trailers that were developed specifically for warmer, dryer climates.

Go-Pods-logo-2015 Go-Pods have a full size seating area & table - perfect for that rainy day! Sit in comfort on the wrap around seating, (seats 4 adults), & enjoy a meal at the table while watching your favourite movie on your optional flatscreen TV.

Go-Pods-logo-2015 Go-Pods cooking facilities are conv

eniently located inside, (not external like teardrop caravans), combatting the risk poor weather & extending your season too.

Go-Pods-logo-2015 Go-Pods build quality is excellent & have a comprehensive  12 month warranty.

Go-Pods-logo-2015 Go-Pods hold their re-sale value extremely well.

Go-Pods-logo-2015 Go-Pods are the best lightweight caravans, easy to tow with even a small engined car and easier to manoeuvre when unhitched than larger, heavier caravans. Just 'hitch & go' at a moment's notice.

Go-Pods-logo-2015 Go-Pods are easily stored. They fit inside most garages &  smaller gardens or to avoid having to pay storage costs.

Go-Pods-logo-2015 Go-Pods can visit those harder to access sites, that larger conventional caravans cannot reach. 

Go-Pods-logo-2015 Go-Pods are made from a one piece, moulded GRP shell, that totally eliminates the risk of leaking seams.

Go-Pods-logo-2015 Go-Pods can be packed away whatever the weather - unlike trailer tents that need to be dry.

Go-Pods-logo-2015 Go-Pods can be left set up when you need to use the car. Unlike motorhomes & camper vans, where you dismantle your pitch each time you go out.

Go-Pods-logo-2015 Go-Pods are surprisingly spacious & appear bigger on the inside!

Go-Pods-logo-2015 Go-Pods conveniently offer everything to hand so you don't have to brave the elements to make the morning coffee!

Go-Pods-logo-2015 Go-Pods benefit from outstanding design, making this compact micro tourer caravan  modern, comfortable and practical.

We believe that our Go-Pods micro tourer caravan is the best small caravan on the market today. The build quality of this compact caravan is excellent & durable. While the package of features included as standard and the way that they hold their value is unrivalled! Book a viewing & take a look for yourself.

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Go-Pods the small 2 berth caravans, micro tourer caravans. Lightweight caravans that are easy to tow caravans. Tiny caravans. Similar in size to teardrop caravans but with more convenience. Our pod caravans are little caravans that have 2 berths. Mini caravans that like an Eriba caravan offer many features but at a fraction of the price. The going cockpit S is a Go-Pod and a similar price to the Freedom Microlite caravan or carapod or other teardrop style pod caravan but with a higher spec and superior build quality. Best small caravans. Go-Pods 2 berth caravan was formerly kown as the Cockpit S.